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We provide one-to-one and other support for parents
. Typically our trained volunteers visit the family’s home for a couple of hours every week.  They tailor-make their support to the needs of the parents and children. Volunteers are very committed and will keep visiting until the youngest child turns five or starts school, or until the parents feel they can stand on their own two feet.  Parents and volunteers often develop a deeply trusting relationship which can lead to powerful change within the family.

 We also run family groups and social events for families.

Our values:

  • We offer families choice
  • We work in partnership – with each other, with families and with other agencies
  • We work in a spirit of openness, encouragement and enjoyment
  • We are flexible and responsive to the needs of families
  • Parents helping parents – a simple idea that really works

Home-Start Worldwide looking for new trustees
Home-Start Worldwide is the coordinating body for the Home-Start organisations around the world. Presently 22 countries have Home-Start organisations through which they help thousands of children and families in need. The Board oversees international quality standards, facilitates the exchange of good practice, supports the expansion into new countries and organizes conferences and experience exchanges. Read more
Children’s basic rights are violated in a most apparent way, even in our continent
An transcript of an interview with the Chairperson of Home-Start Worldwide, Evi Hatzivarnava titled "Children’s basic rights are violated in a most apparent way, even in our continent" which appears in the EUROCHILD Newsletter. Read more
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