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At Home-Start we believe that families need support at every level – in their homes, in the community and in the world at large.

Home-Start Worldwide provides support to national associations around the world, and to new and developing schemes. Based in London, the small team provides resources and training and works with the international Home-Start network to develop principles and practice.

Home-Start schemes support families in 22 countries and every year, more committed, dynamic individuals or organisations approach us about setting up Home-Start in their country. Home-Start Worldwide provides guidance and information to these social activists to enable them to set up Home-Start schemes in their communities.

Home-Start schemes and National Associations are independent partners in the international Home-Start network. At Home-Start Worldwide, our aim is to strengthen Home-Start at the local and national levels, so that they develop strong roots in the communities in which they work.

I am a firm believer in the bottom-up approach and therefore I think the top of the organisation should always know exactly what happens at the grass roots level, unless and until you’re ready to do that Home-Start will not be Home-Start. Home-Start goes to communities, it needs to stay with and in communities ." Director, Sri Lanka

International policy

Our lives are shaped by decisions made not just at home but elsewhere in the world. We strive to ensure that families’ needs are represented and understood at an international level, particularly within communities such as the European Union and the Commonwealth which affect Home-Start national associations.

  • The Chair of Home-Start Malta is on a Council of Europe committee drawing up a convention for the protection of children against sexual abuse and exploitation
  • Home-Start Worldwide recently concluded a two-year EU research project, Learning from Families, on social exclusion and isolation - the project’s findings and recommendations were presented in both Brussels and Strasbourg
  • Home-Start Hungary is working with other national organisations to put pressure on the EU to change sales tax laws affecting families across Europe

Home-Start is a global provider of family support so we need to make our voices heard at a global level, pressing for support for families wherever they are.” ex-Director, Home-Start Worldwide

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