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Home-Start is more than a family support charity – it is a network of people.

Everyone involved in Home-Start brings something unique. Staff, volunteers and families all contribute skills, needs and strengths to Home-Start. Everyone is valued.

The families who need a little extra support, the volunteers who give their time and their friendship, the staff who strive to ensure that the support we give is of the highest standard, the trustees who lead and guide the schemes and the social entrepreneurs who set them up – all of them are part of the international network of Home-Starts around the world.

Over time, relationships with Home-Start may change – sometimes parents who once needed support become volunteers and offer their skills to other parents in need; volunteers apply for jobs with Home-Start; doctors and teachers who referred parents to Home-Start later lend their skills to our management committees.

Because we rely so much on the people with whom we work, we try to show respect to everyone and to listen to their views. We are working to improve our accountability to families, volunteers and staff and to build democratic decision-making into our governance, where possible and practical. We place a great deal of importance on training for volunteers and staff and work constantly to ensure that our volunteer courses are to a consistently high standard, everywhere in the world. 

Families, volunteers, trustees and staff are what keep Home-Start effective the world over. We would like to share some of their stories.



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