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Home-Start helps give children a better start in life, by matching skilled volunteers with families in need. We do not charge families for our support, so wherever we are in the world, parents and children receive help at no cost to themselves.

Our volunteers work hard in their communities and offer the hand of friendship unpaid. Their generosity is overwhelming and their support life-changing.

But not everyone has the time to give to vulnerable families in this way. If you want to help us give children a better start in life and you do not have the time to volunteer, you can support us financially instead.

We spend our money on reaching out to more and more vulnerable families around the world, by setting up new schemes and helping existing schemes to expand, to recruit more volunteers and spread into neighbouring communities. We make sure that each volunteer gets the training and guidance they need to offer the best possible support.

We promise to spend your money well. We focus always on the families and children we support and strive constantly to keep our costs low and our effectiveness high. Your donation will be received with thanks and treated with respect, and will be used where it is most needed.

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