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Home-Start Worldwide is a cost efficient choice for any funder. With an annual expenditure of less than 300,000, in 2007 we will benefit upwards of 14,000 children in 16 countries, through our partnerships with Home-Start national associations and schemes.

Equally important, we work with new Home-Start national associations to help them lay strong foundations for the development of new Home-Start family support services in their countries.

The majority of our annual funding comes from grant making trusts and foundations. Our relationships are varied and gifts range from 2000 from a family trust towards our communications costs to over 100,000 from international philanthropic foundations to fund the development of new policies and practices that will be shared across the whole Home-Start network.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our funding partners and enjoy working together to identify projects that ensure the funder meets their own objectives through a relationship with Home-Start Worldwide. We guarantee to provide regular reports that detail not only what we have spent your money on, but what it has enabled us to achieve. We welcome visits from interested trustees or staff and can also arrange for you to attend events or meetings, in the UK or in one of our Home-Start countries.

As well as raising funds for our costs we also work with funders and Home-Start national associations to raise funds for projects in specific countries. We have recently embarked on a fundraising and development partnership project with two Home-Start countries: South Africa and Israel. In the recent past we have raised funds for Home-Starts in Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Uganda, resulting in the development and expansion of our work there, reaching many more vulnerable families.

For more information about our work please visit the project and country pages on this web site or contact Home-Start Worldwide at

If you would like to discuss a project or funding opportunity with Home-Start Worldwide please contact us at We are happy to discuss developing projects which suit your interests, while helping us to achieve our vision of a world where vulnerable families receive the help they need to give their children a safe and healthy start in life.

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