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Nilde and Angelique

Nilde (34 years, three daughters 7, 5 and 2 years old)

“Home-Start was pointed out to me by the infant health centre. I was depressed for a long time, and did not have any support around me. Even then it took me some time to go to Home-Start, because to invite a stranger into your house………….. But I must admit: I immediately had a connection with Anjo. She became a real friend, she is there, and gives me support and understanding. We talk about everything: raising children, cooking, vitamins, and medication… When I am in doubt about how to handle my children, I talk with Anjo. She gives me examples or possibilities and I think about what fits in my situation. Anjo also helps me with my children.

Anjo coming into my life has been very good for me. I’m less lonely. Of course I know that one day it is going to end, I’m prepared for that. But right now Anjo is a real friend for me.”

Angelique (30 years, three sons of 11, 10 and 6 years old)

“My hope was for Home-Start to help me control my children and myself again. I’m a rather chaotic person, and was close to depression last year.

With Frances I talked about all things in daily life. I asked her things like: How do you set rules for your children, and how do you get your children to respect the rules? Because I’m getting so tired of repeating: "boys, hang up your coats instead of letting them lay around! Clear away your toys! Take off your shoes!" I had and still have the feeling it is mopping with the tap running, but with the help of the tips and advice Frances gave me, I managed to control things.

Frances visited me for about 10 months, then we both had the idea that I could handle it myself again. Unfortunately I’m coming into the same pattern again. I work 25 hours a week at the moment, the children have all kind of activities: for me it is difficult to structure everything. But it is not making me depressed this time.”

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