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A UK motherís story

No-one wins the lottery twice right? Wrong! I am truly a blessed woman as I have in the last four years met and befriended two angels who I met through Home-Start.  I am a thirty five year old British Asian who suffers with MS.

I, in 2002, had many issues that needed addressing. First and foremost was the fact that I was fiercely guarding my diagnoses of a neurological disease. I was hiding in my home with my first child with no hope of me getting any relief. That is when I was introduced to the organisation Home-Start and my first friend. From that day on I experienced an all-consuming generosity, love and support the likes of which I had never before felt. After seven months it was decided that all objectives had been achieved and it was time for my volunteer to move on. This is when we went from  ‘family in need and volunteer’ to ‘friends’. Such a small yet powerful word that described how our relationship had developed.

Four years later the birth of my son saw me again put in contact with Home-Start. This time the set of problems were a mum who had entered the progressive stage of MS and a young baby whom I could not even pick up. This is when I was put in touch with my second friend, a vivacious and loveable character who I instantly warmed to despite the worry of constantly comparing her to my first pal.

Both individuals are unique but share the qualities of love and generosity that knows no bounds.

Thank you for reaffirming my belief in humanity.

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