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Family of seven – mom, dad and five children - were referred to Home-Start by an organisation called Kids Haven.  The mom was heavily pregnant with her sixth child when the volunteer was introduced.

The mother had been brought up in an orphanage and had very little idea of how to run a household.  She was depressed and, during the initial interview, made very little eye contact with the coordinator.

Her sixth child died at birth and this plunged the whole family into a state of mourning and despair.

The volunteer spent many hours with the family, helping them to make arrangements, holding them and comforting them.  The volunteer also assisted the mother in moving the children to a school nearer to home as the family doesn’t have transport and there are no buses in the area.  She also helped the mother to cook nutritious meals for her family and gently helped her with new ways of housekeeping.

The volunteer also introduced the mother to “scrap-booking”.  This is a method of displaying photographs in a special album.  The mother said that working with the photos and putting them into a special album helped her to work through her grief.  She has also discovered the “creative” side of her self.
The children absolutely love their volunteer and we are so pleased to report that the mother’s depression has lifted and now, when visited, smiles broadly and gives the best hugs in town!  

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