Home-Start Worldwide Global Conference 2017

In collaboration with Home-Start Japan
Tokyo 7-10 November 2017

What is the Home-Start Worldwide Global Conference?

The 2017 triennial training conference will be held at the invitation of Home-Start Japan. It will be attended by leaders of each of our member countries and the 89 local schemes in Japan as well as other local invited guests. While the event assures the ongoing training of Home-Start leaders, it also furthers a sense of community and solidarity, the sharing of best practice and the opportunity to promote our work to a wider audience. In choosing Japan as host country, we will also learn the key factors to their very considerable success.

Why the overall theme is so important?

Home-Start Worldwide Global Conference 2017

The overall theme of the 2017 Conference places emphasis on the importance of investing in children, and particularly investing in early childhood as a long-term strategy for enhancing a brighter future for children, the adults they are going to be, the families they will form and the society in which they will live. Investing in children thus means investing in future. The theme aligns with UN sustainable development goals which start with safe, healthy and well-educated children. Acknowledging the challenges that families face today worldwide, focusing on early childhood and family support makes it even more important.

Home-Start Worldwide Global Conference 2017
HSJ is a leading member of Home-Start Worldwide. Founded in 2008, it has grown exceptionally fast. By the end of 2016, 1887 volunteers from 89 local schemes have supported 4,421 families and over 7,300 children. In November 2016, Home-Start Japan received a Cabinet Minister Award from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as the Most Distinguished Social Welfare Service promoting the well-being of families with young children.

What will the training cover?

The programme combines a range of practical tools with suggestions for adapting services - from new methods in early child literacy and learning; healthy child development; structured playing with toys to issues regarding volunteer training materials. Participants will learn about private sector fundraising and how to build their charity’s profile. Japan will share their experience of working in partnerships and of innovative projects they are implementing.

What are the Expected Outcomes?

  • Raise awareness of the importance of investing in early childhood and parenting support
  • Raise the quality and effectiveness of our services and our ability to respond to new needs
  • Focus on growing the Home-Start network through partnerships and regional expansion
  • Raise the profile of Home-Start through effective communication strategies
  • Increase interest among Japanese authorities to support Home-Start in Japan
  • Informal meetings between local and overseas participants to build mutual understanding and share experiences

What is the conference format?

The event will launch with an Open Day, aimed at a wider Japanese audience and the media, with up to 350 participants expected. It will be followed by a two-day Training Conference and visits to Home-Start local schemes on the final day.

Who will the conference participants be?

International participants will come from around 20 countries and from all continents. We expect a total number of approximately 45-50 international participants, 200 people connected to Home-Start Japan and another 100 invited Japanese guests (government officials, media people, academics, non-governmental organisation representatives) in the Open Day.

Who are our supporters and funders?

We are very grateful to our supporters and funders for making it possible to organise and implement this conference.

Up to the end of May 2017, the following foundations and companies have offered us their assistance:

  • Tedworth Charitable Trust
  • Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
  • Japan Foundation
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation
  • Love and Grace Foundation
  • Kirk Foundation
  • Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation (Norway branch)
  • JTB Greece

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