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Premiers Pas Québec

Premier Pas Quebec Logo

Marie Claude Richer, Director
210, Boul. de Montarville, # 1010, Boucherville, Québec, Canada  J4B 6T3
office (514) 875-4270 X 251
Mobile: (514) 923-7747

The Origins

Founded in 1989 in Québec, Premiers Pas got its National Office in 2008 to advertise, support and develop schemes. Through the hard work of Margaret Bishop, a social worker which has allowed us to identify the needs of families with young children, which are not being met by the government services. The organisation had to wait until August 1993 before it was given enough funding to recruit a coordinator.  Since then, Premiers Pas/Home-Start has recruited and trained volunteers, received requests from families, and has organised matches, providing valuable expertise to the community. Since 1999, Premiers Pas obtained the necessary funding to expand twice.

Our activities

In 2007, after a very successful fundraising activity, Premiers Pas Québec, the National Association, started its work of recognition and development of Home-Start services in Québec, its quality assurance objectives and its support to well establish and arising schemes.

Today, Premiers Pas Matching families to volunteers operating in 10 schemes, supporting 135 families with the extraordinary support of 93 volunteers (2014 statistics). Our goal is to always reach more families and children, working hands in hands with other community services and our precious financial partners. Premiers Pas Québec gets most of its funding from a once a year fundraising event, combining a sporting challenge to a gastronomic meal. Our funding comes from fundraising events.

Our Future

In 2015, Premiers Pas Québec will start work on consolidation.

What people say about us

“I’m not underprivileged. I’m not seventeen with three kids. I’m not an alcoholic. My husband doesn’t beat me. But still, one day I needed help. I was slowly sinking into depression. Soon I was paired with a young grandmother and we would talk, and she would listen to me. She came with all her humanity. She set an example for me and all those who come into contact with her. I thank her for coming into my life, but more importantly, I thank her for not leaving it!” – Colette

A mother is complaining to the volunteer: “I can’t afford to buy anything for my three children”. “Give them a minute of your love” was the volunteer’s response. “I’m not sure I understand” says the mother. The following week the mother tells the volunteer that one evening, while she was washing the dishes, she stopped everything, sat down, and played and laughed with her children. “Is that what you meant by a minute of love?” asked the mother.

“I have always done volunteer work, but I have never felt so much satisfaction as I have this year, visiting this young woman and her child. She gave me so much, I learned so much from her, yet I gave so little.” – Lise

"To me, it has been a real pleasure, a gift I receive every day I visit". Laurette, volunteer

Updated:24th February 2015 by Marie Claude Richer
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