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Nobody’s Children Foundation
ul. Walecznych 59
03-926 Warszawa

Programme ‘Good Parent – Good Start’
Project ‘Volunteer in a family’
Project Coordinator: Anna Żardecka - coordinator
Tel: +48 22 616 16 69

About the Project/Scheme

'Volunteer in a Family' is a project executed as a part of Good Parent – Good Start Programme run by Nobody’s Children Foundation and it is addressed to parents of children aged up to 3 years old.

The project started in 2010. At the beginning 'Volunteer in a Family' was executed only in 2 districts of Warsaw. Because of a growing interest and demand for this kind of help, since the end of 2012 all Warsaw parents can benefit from the offer.

What do we do?

12 volunteers run 1 scheme supporting 6 families.

The aim of this project is to support families with small children and this is done by Volunteers who are parents themselves or have some parenting experience. They visit families in their own homes once a week and help parents to overcome the difficulties which may be encountered as a result of difficult life situations. More and more parents nowadays feel lonely and have no one to share their experiences with or ask for advice. Volunteers help with issues of caring for and raising small children.

Our funding comes mostly from City Hall.

Who are the volunteers?

Volunteers are people who have parental experience and understand that being a parent is beautiful but also overwhelming at times. So far we have organized two training courses for the volunteers. We have trained 14 candidates, 11 of whom now actively work with us. Volunteers assist families with small children in their everyday life (i.e. talk with parents, listen to their problems, share their experiences, play with parents and children , familiarize parents with the available offers of social, psychological and medical help, encourage families to participate in the local community life). We provide our volunteers with the support of psychologists and with regular meetings with the coordinator of the project.

Who are the project beneficiaries?

Briefly speaking: families with at least one child under three years old, being in tough life situation (lone parenthood, social isolation, economic and financial problems, unemployment in the family, mental or somatic diseases of a parent or small child etc.). These are parents who experience constant stress and cannot cope on their own. Since 2010 we have helped 10 families. Currently 4 families benefit from our project.

Plans for the future

We would like to start two new training courses for Volunteers. Our aim is to have a group of 20 Volunteers who will take care of at least 20 families with infant children by the end of 2016.

Updated: 19th March 2015 by Anna Żardecka
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