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Lynn Noel, Managing Director
731- 13 Avenue N.E Calgary, AB T2E 1C8
Tel: +1 403 276 998

Contact: Marion Paulson, Home-Start Coordinator:
Tel: +1 403 660 6809

  • Home-Start Calgary was started in 2003 by a woman with a vision - Dee Monroe. Dee had been a Home-Start volunteer in Quebec (an eastern Canadian province) so when her husband was transferred to Alberta (one of the western provinces), Dee brought her love of the Home-Start program with her. She approached the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary with her vision to start a Home-Start program in Calgary. With the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary’s support, Dee worked diligently to create a board to assist her with the work of developing the second Home-Start program in Canada.
  • At the first volunteer training, Dee had 11 volunteers. We are happy to say that 10 years later we still have 7 of these original volunteers with us!
  • The program has grown to include two program coordinators for Calgary.
  • Home-Start Calgary celebrated its 10th Anniversary in May 2013. It was a wonderful celebration with a lovely catered meal and awards for each of the volunteers. Fun games were also a part of the celebration. Fourteen volunteers attended.
  • Calgary TeamHome-Start Calgary has two schemes with a total of 22 volunteers. Currently we are working with 14 families but the number of families we support is often much more. Calgary has a population of approximately one million people and Home-Start provides support to families and volunteers in every area.

    Many of the families referred to us are experiencing postpartum depression, have had multiple births (Calgary has a very large fertility clinic), are new immigrants to Canada, or are isolated and/or stressed for a variety of reasons.

    Our skilled volunteers meet with families on a weekly basis to offer friendship, support, and connection with the larger community.

    Our plan is to be able to start a third scheme in Calgary to serve the many families who could benefit from Home-Start. This will depend on funding opportunities and recruiting more volunteers. Recruiting volunteers is very challenging and something we continue to work on.

    “The Homestart Program was such a blessing to our family. Not only did we receive the help we needed to provide the basic needs for our premature triplets & 2 year old; we also developed a new friendship with our volunteer Darlene. Over the past year, she helped us in so many ways. From cuddling, feeding, laundry, washing bottles, meal preparation & appointments; to providing me (the mom) with a little “me” time once in awhile, every minute she gave us was so precious and very much appreciated. Thank you again to Darlene & the Homestart Program for helping us to give our kids the best first year possible.” – Mark & Lori Nielsen

    “We moved to Canada as my husband got to do his postgraduate studies at the University of Calgary. When we settled down in Calgary as new immigrants we didn’t have much support from friends or family members. It was difficult and tough time for us especially for our two kids aged 5 and 3 without any friends or family member’s affection as we always had back home. When I was expecting our third child, I heard about the Home Start program. After some time I met the coordinator from the Home Start program and she visited our family housing unit in the University of Calgary and discussed about our issues with the kids, how are we looking after kids, and their behavioral problems etc., etc. Then we were introduced to a very kind hearted volunteer. As a volunteer she visited our place twice a week and helped me out in variety of ways. She spends time with our son and took him to the play parks, Calgary zoo and lot of other interesting places. She read books and stories to them. She looked after our baby girl and helped me with house chores. That was an invaluable support at that time, as we were struggling to cope our day to day activities as well as our studies with the new baby. Both I and my husband were studying for our exams and research work as we had to go through the Canadian assessment systems. Our kids enjoyed our volunteer’s company a lot as they found they missed affection from our parents and siblings. We noted a great improvement of our son’s behavior and he always loves to be with our volunteer.

    At the same time we got the opportunity to participate in the community programs conducted by the Home start program and got to know more Calgarians. Kids got the opportunity to participate in community events and to socialize. Home start is a very successful program in my perspective as it provided me with the required support when I needed it. My sincere appreciation goes to The Home-Start program for their love and care. Thanks Home Start Program! ” – Family from Sri Lanka

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